Schuberth C4 Helmet Review

Firstly, I would like to thank Pete, from Just Helmets, for helping me get this helmet as soon as it became available. Just Helmets is an UK supplier of motorcycle helmets, they have a large stock in all styles and sizes.

I would like emphasize that I consider the C4 for a top spec helmet, this is why I have been quite picky in this review. This review is based on my own experience during a 2000 miles trip around Wales, on my BMW R1200GS covering everything from motorways to single track roads.
When buying a new toy or piece of kit the experience starts when doing the initial research. I found Schuberth’s website user friendly and provides all the information I needed. Due to the helmet being brand new, I didn’t have the opportunity to see it live or try it on before buying it. I spoke with Schuberth through the phone and they advised me to try the C3 Pro as the sizing is similar. Once I decided I wanted the helmet I got in touch with Pete, he was really helpful, he confirmed all the information Schuberth had provided. He kept me updated once I ordered the helmet until I received it.

After 3 months, the helmet was home! A big brown box showed up at the specified time. This made really easy to be waiting for it at home, I didn’t want to miss the delivery of my new brand helmet. Within the brown box there was the helmet box, all really well packed. In the box the helmet was presented with its carrier bag, a well-padded white and shiny orange bag, quality materials even in the carrier bag.


The helmet quality is outstanding, really well built and quality materials all round. The orange stitching in the collar is a nice touch that give a bit of extra colour. The only thing to point out is a small mark in the front vent, it has been confirmed that the helmet is meant to be like that, it is due to the plastic mould used, this is something that could be easily improved in my opinion.


Although I was a bit worried buying a helmet without trying it first, this one suits me perfectly. Not only is easy to get on and off but once on, it is really comfortable. The liner inside feels soft and smooth which makes a pleasure to wear it even for hours! All the different controls are easy to operate, use the sun visor quite often, and in this helmet, it is easy to operate. The sun visor has actually two different positions which is a nice extra. It also offers the right sun protection for me. The chin vent is also quite easy open and closed, the top one is easy once you find the slider, you may struggle to use this with thick winter gloves.


The flip up is also easy to operate plus the mechanism is really smooth, there is no clicking and it opens and closes nicely. The chin will hold in place if lifted while riding even at high speeds. I cannot say the same from the visor, although it is easy to operate and it comes with the fog insert already in place, when it is at its top position the wind can push it down which I find extremely worrying and dangerous, first time it happened it scared me a bit! The good side of the visor is that it is really wide which provides a great view also, the visor has a simple mechanism for removal although you will need both hands to use it.

The helmets shape helps with the aerodynamics, this avoids the air pushing your head around too much. Due to this, the helmet is also quiet although I still wear earplugs to make sure my hearing doesn’t get damaged. The shape of the helmet also makes cleaning extremely easy, no gaps or sharp edges to clean.

Regarding size and weight, the shell is big, my previous helmet on the same side use to fit in my pannier, this one doesn’t. Also, it is heavy, or heavier than others but bear in mind the Bluetooth installation is already fitted in the helmet so this adds some extra weight onto it.

Overall, the Schuberth C4 is a brilliant and stylist helmet. It is expensive but worth the money. Something to consider is that Schuberth will give you 5 years warranty which adds extra value to it.

Keep an eye out for the review of the communication system developed by Sena for this helmet, the SC1 Advance.