Hideout Ride – June 2019

This Saturday we hosted our third Hideout Rideout! Despite the crazy raining, not raining weather, there were 13 of us in total.

This time, we met our fellow riders at the Silver Ball Cafe from 10am. Although it is a slightly smaller venue than our usual meeting place, they accommodated us well. Those that wanted breakfast ordered, and we all chatted away for a good hour. It was really lovely to see some friendly faces and new members, but also some returnees from our previous Hideout rides! Clearly they had enjoyed themselves previously.

After a quick briefing, where we clarified how the marking system works and the ride rules, we took of for Hideout at 11am. We followed a new route this time, taking us through more country roads than usual and less towns. It didn’t rain at all, which was ideal.

We were welcomed to Hideout with some lovely tea and coffee, served with some banana, lemon and chocolate cakes. After a look around (and a few purchases), most individuals made their own way home. For the four of us who wanted to take the long way home, a quick lunch stop at Finchley Fields was planned. Overall, a great day!

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