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First Riding Time training session

On Sunday, we ran our first Riding Time off road training session. This session was designed for adventure riders who had never taken their bikes “off road” and wanted to test their, and their machine’s, limits. All the attendees were new to riding their big adventure bikes on the dirt. Scroll down to see some great photos of the day.

We all know big bikes can be intimidating. For this reason, the aim of our Riding Timing training sessions is to boost your confidence and ability when handling a big bike in the trickiest situation. All the skills you learn are also transferable to road riding.

Our training covers how to efficiently balance your bike, how to rightly position and move on your bike to master the weightless rider technique, as well as many other skills. After learning and practising all the theory, we venture out to the big outdoors; English green lanes and put these skills to practice. We like to get the bike covered in dust and mud!

If you are interested in boosting your confidence and joining one of our training sessions or one of our rideouts, keep an eye out on our website and social media 👍

The fun begins when the grip ends 🤘

Here you have some photos to get an idea of how much fun we have!

All the photos above were taken by our good friend James (@montagueandleon on Instagram). In fact, if you see any cool photo on our site or social media, it has most likely been taken by James 😂

If you want to check out more of his photos or if you want some cool photos taken, get in touch with him. Make sure to give him a follow on Instagram too!

2 thoughts on “First Riding Time training session

  1. Wow – looks really good I hadn’t seen the post otherwise would’ve hoped to join you – will have to watch out for the next one! Funnily enough just booked the BMW off road level 1 – might not have needed to😜

    1. Nothing too exciting! I prepared for some friends but it went quite well!

      You will love it! I just did Level 2 this weekend and it is a great course! There is definitely nothing like the Off Road Skills training, those guys are the top riders in the country and they know how to teach! 👍

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