How to Ride in a Group

How To… Ride in a group

Riding is usually an individual activity but, let’s be honest, riding in a group can be so much fun… If done the right way! Done the wrong way, it can rapidly turn into a catastrophe.

Hopefully, with this short guide you can avoid any issues and have fun when participating in a motorcycle group ride.

Before the Ride

Be prepared – Are you and your bike ready to ride? A good way to check this is by doing a P.O.D.E.W.R.Y checks. This will ensure both you and your bike, are ready for the ride ahead.

  • Petrol
  • Oil
  • Drive
  • Electrics
  • Water
  • Rubber
  • YOU!

Know the group – Not essential, but really it really does help. If you know the other people participating in the ride, you will be able to anticipate their moves and adapt to their riding style. You will most probably feel more relaxed too. It is also good to exchange phone numbers with the Ride Leader and Tail End Charlie in case things go wrong.

Know the route – Another non-essential factor but really useful. Nowadays, most of us rely on our SatNavs however, knowing the route will be helpful in the event of an unexpected circumstance. Bear in mind, technology can sometimes fail! It usually helps if other group members know the route; you can achieve this by sharing it with the group. For this, we use MyRoute-app.

Know the system – This is key! Depending on the size of the ride, the Ride Leader will explain which method will be used during the ride to keep the group together. It is crucial that you listen and understand it as you may have to take part in it. One of the main systems is the Drop Off or Cornerman system.

During the Ride

Safety first – We all want to get back home after the ride, so keep your safety and others above anything else.

Always within the Law – Having to catch up with the rider in front of you is not an excuse. Always means always.

Ride your own ride – Always ride within your limits. Overtake if you feel like it, stop if you need to, don’t rush- there is no need to show off. Always ride for yourself, not for others.

Have fun! – This is ultimately why we all ride, right? Make sure you enjoy the ride.

After the Ride

If you enjoyed the ride, say it! The Ride Leader would love to know people enjoyed themselves and had a good time. Socialise with the rest of the riders, who knows, you may find people live near you with similar interests.

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