The Frog Helmet in use while having a coffee

The Frog Helmet

This is one of those things you don’t know you need until you try it, then you cannot live without it!

The first time we heard of “The Frog“, we were a bit sceptical about it. After all, why would you need a support for your helmet when you can just leave it on your seat, your mirror or even on the ground? Following some research and discussions with people who use it, we decided to give it a try.

The Frog Helmet package

We bought a couple of Frogs; a normal and an adhesive one. They call them pocket frog and sticker frog, for obvious reasons. The first thing that got our attention, was the packaging. It is creative, neat, made from cardboard and attractive to the eye. It also has the instructions of how to use the device written on the lid, with additional information in different languages inside – a great first impression! We read that the sticker version actually uses 3M adhesive which, at least to us, is reassuring as 3M is known for their products.

The Frog Helmet package

Using The Frog is as easy as it can get. You simply place it on the surface where you want to place your helmet and rest your helmet on it. If you have the adhesive one, you just have to find the best place to stick it onto your helmet, so that your helmet stays balanced.

We have found that there are several advantages to this little gadget. Firstly, it avoids damaging your helmet when you are not using it, as there is a protective barrier between the rough terrain and your precious (and likely expensive) helmet. Secondly, it allows you to use your helmet to comfortably store your gloves and other bits when you are not using it, as the open part of your helmet remains accessible.

Since receiving these gadgets, we have one stuck to a helmet and the other lives in our pocket, ready to use wherever we go. Below you can find some photos of situations when we have used it.

At the moment The Frog Helmet are running a Kickstarter campaign to gather funds. Although they will have almost reached their goal by the time this article is published, it is a great opportunity to get yours at a great price!


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