TCX X-BLEND WP boots Review

I wasn’t planning to write a review about the TCX X-Blend WP boots, but after an amazing experience with their customer services team, I think they deserve a write up!

I bought these boots over 4 years ago for my daily commute and some sporadic weekend rides. I chose the TCX X-BLEND WP boots because I was looking for something that I could wear on the bike, even when raining (we live in England after all!), and in the office. These boots ticked all the boxes. They are discrete enough to use in the office, are waterproof, have enough protection for my commute and a they look good!

The Good

These boots are fully waterproof. It’s safe to say that after thousands of miles commuting in the rain, they have not let a drop of water through, which is rather impressive! Luckily I haven’t had to test how well these boots protect my feet and ankle but they look solid and I trust they would do their job well. As I said, they do look good! Even after 4 years and thousands of miles, these boots continue to look good! I have added some photos comparing the boots when new and what they look like now. I consider this of utmost importance because my motorbike gear has to act as office wear and look smart enough for that setting, especially when meeting clients.

The boots are not only stylish but also warm. Pair them with the right socks and you can use them in winter when temperatures approach zero degrees.

Something I really want to mention, as i was left so impressed and was the reason why I decided to write this review, is TCX’s amazing customer service! Recently, the shoe laces started disintegrating, which is normal after 4 years. I tried to get new laces because I saw no point in trying to replace the entire boot, but struggled to find a worthy replacement. I ended up contacting TCX to see if I could purchase a new pair of laces from them. I was so surprised when TCX offered to send me a new pair for free! Some brands use these minor wears as a way to get you to buy a new pair of boots, but TCX didn’t do this, nor did they attempt to sell me the laces. They simply sent me a new pair. A particular thank you goes to Asya from their Marketing Department.

The Not So Good

To be honest, it is hard to say bad things about the TCX X-BLEND WP boots. If I had to pick on something, I would say they are not as breathable as I would like them to be. In the office, if you walk a lot, your feet will get warm. You can tell the boots’ main focus is to keep your feet dry. Some days, I found myself taking off my boots while sitting at my desk to let my feet breathe and cool down. In my opinion, a small price to pay considering all the good points.

TCX X-BLEND WP boots Rated
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Price


Great good looking waterproof boot.

The Good

  • Fully waterproof
  • Good protection
  • TCX customer service
The Not So Good

  • Not really breathable
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3 thoughts on “TCX X-BLEND WP boots Review

  1. I’m a huge fan of TCX. I’m currently own the WP X-Raps, the WP Street Ace, X Square Sports, and I have on order the most incredible pair from TCX to date, the WP Ikasu. The only thing matched by the excellent and exceptional quality is their friendly and incredibly generous customer service reps. I recently wrote to them just to let them know they’re my favorite brands of boots for motorcycling and they’ve asked me for my boot size (fingers crossed for a set of boots) my shirt size, and on top of that said they’d ship me a box swag, so I can’t wait to find out what they’re hooking up, I’m super excited though. TCX is in a league of their own.

  2. I love this TCX X-BLEND boot. After reading your article, I am sure to buy this one. thanks for the article Inigo. The TCX X-BLEND is a stylish and comfortable boot that will make my feet feet feel great.

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