Sidi Adventure 2 Boots

Sidi Adventure 2 Boots Review

In my opinion, the Sidi Adventure 2 are the best all-round boots money can buy.

The Good

Gore-Tex, is there need to add anything else? Gore-Tex provides waterproofing with breathability. After over 20.000 miles on these boots, I can guarantee not a single drop of water will go through them.

Sidi lists this boot in the Touring range and this is what I mainly use them for. I definitely don’t see these as urban boots although they could be used for it but I would find them a bit bulky for it. The hard ankle protection and the two buckles provide excellent protection and support when standing on the bike which makes these boots excellence in off road situations. I wouldn’t use them for motocross or hard enduro racing but I have used them for green laning and find them the perfect balance between protection and comfort.

Despite all the protection and them being fully waterproof, the Sidi Adventure 2 boots are relatively thin. This makes them extremely confortable to wear and even to walk with.

The Not So Good

Following with the good points, because these boots are quite thin, they are not as warm as others. This is not really a problem, with the right socks, I wear them all year around. It is all about layering correctly!

Good off road protection means a strong boot and some reinforcement. Overall, the Sidi Adventure 2 boots are quite thin and confortable. The only area were I feel this is on the thickness of the sole and the tip. The extra reinforcement means that sometimes I don’t feel the gear or brake leaver when I need to use them. I have to say, this is not a massive issue as you get used to it really quickly but I thought it was worth mentioning.

Last but not less, actually it is less important, unless you are a ninja trying to kill someone wearing these boots… They squeak! All off road boots do in my opinion, at least the ones I have tried so not a big deal 馃榾

Sidi Adventure 2 Boots
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Price


Great all round waterproof boot.

The Good

  • Fully waterproof
  • Good protection
  • Thin and comfortable
The Not So Good

  • Not the warmest
  • Thick sole
  • Squeaky
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