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Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 Review

I am happy to put my hands up and admit that honestly, I don’t care for motorcycles. Unlike Inigo, I don’t live and breathe motorbikes, nor do I share any interest in accessories, new models that have just been released or anything in-between. I like what the bike allows me to do. I like the feeling as you go around a bend and travelling to different places with Inigo. So, when Scottoiler offered to send me a system that allowed me to ride hassle free, I embraced it. This phenomenal device has been installed on everyone of my bikes and works a treat.

In short, Scottoiler is a chain oiler. You install a reserve on the side of your bike, which you top up easily, and then you manipulate how often a drop of oil lubricates your chain. Personally, it is the best thing you could install on your bike since heated grips, as it allows you to cover hundreds of miles without having to worry about greasing and cleaning your chain!

I recently upgraded to Scottoiler’s eSystem v2, from the vSystem, as it provides you with far more flexibility to adjust the flow rate of the oil. As the vSystem runs off an engine vacuum, which opens the valve on one end of the reservoir and gravity pushes the lubricant to the chain, I could only control the rate of the oil flow manually. I had to play a guessing game or time how often a drop fell on the chain, which wasn’t very accurate. This meant I had to be very conscious of changing temperatures. I admit, I once forgot about this, resulting in all the warm, and significantly more liquid oil, flowing to my chain within 30 mins and being left with no oil in the reserve, midway through a 5 day trip to France! Instead, the eSystem is connected to the battery and electronically pumps oil to the chain, meaning it is temperature independent. You can very easily adjust the rate of oil flow to suit conditions, using a small and discreet digital screen, which I have placed on my handle bar. This display has other information on the screen too, such as the temperature outside, oil level and time. Essentially, the new design enables you to save oil and gives finer control over extra oiling. It is brilliant and has allowed me to ride through the Alps for over 2 weeks without a care in the world about oiling my chain – ideal! I couldn’t recommend this enough for any rider, but especially for someone like me who just wants to ride and wants nothing to do with the fuss of bike maintenance.

Having said all this, last week, I have installed the new Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 on my BMW F700GS. I didn’t think it possible, but it is even better! The new eSystem v3.1 is motion activated and self-calibrating. It automatically detects when the bike is moving and starts feeding oil to the chain, offering stop-start control. The best part is, that it also remembers the settings from one ride to another as the unit goes into ‘deep sleep mode’ when you finish your ride and ‘wakes’ up when you head out again, continuing to maintain the chain. By guaranteeing lubrication only when you need it and ensuring you don’t make a mess when you aren’t moving, this design is ideal for touring. Not only that, but it also has 5 flow-rate settings, allowing for all riding conditions, something you can adjust on the unit, which again, sits on the handle bar. I wouldn’t know, but Inigo tells me it is also very easy to install. It took him under an hour, including removing the old unit. The new cables are easier to mount, seem more robust and ready to support the heat that emanates from the engine if, like in my bike, you have to route the cable close to the engine casing.

Scottoiler Traveller Expansion Bag

When touring, we cover a fair number of miles, so I was keen to install the Scottoiler Traveller Expansion Bag on my bike too. The current oil reservoir holds 60ml of oil, so I must take a 250ml bottle of extra oil when we tour and fill the reservoir up every other day. It is fair to say that this is quite inconvenient and on one trip the oil spilt all over my top box as the bottle moved from side to side. It was messy, annoying and far from enjoyable to clean up. However, installing this small little pouch underneath my seat was not only quick and easy, but allows me to carry an extra 125ml of oil. Inigo and I managed to install it in under 10 minutes, following the simple instructions provided. Essentially, the pouch feeds oil to the reservoir, which feeds oil to the chain, meaning that in reality I am carrying over 180ml of oil. This covers me for 2 weeks on the road, covering over 3000 miles! The best part is that topping up the pouch is far easier than topping up the reservoir as you can simply pour the oil straight in from the bottle, rather than having to use a plastic nozzle, which has been rather messy in the past. All in all, a great invention that sits incredibly neatly and discreetly under my seat.

So, would I recommend Scottoiler generally? YES! Which of the systems do I like most? The new Scottoiler eSytem v3.1 as it allows me to ride hassle free when doing what I enjoy most.

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3 thoughts on “Scottoiler eSystem v3.1 Review

  1. Definitely do not recommend…
    My scottoiler lasted 8000 miles, then the control unit went faulty. I don’t use the bike much so it was over 2 years old. Contacted scottoiler who tested the unit, confirmed it’s faulty but out of warranty. Sorry but too expensive to fail after only 8000 miles with no offer. Am pretty hacked off to be fair.

    Going to use the bike mot certificates, with logged milage to see if I can take this further.
    Will be at the nec bike show with printed leaflets too.

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