Rev’It! Sand 3 Review

Rev’It! advertise this suit as being as versatile as a Swiss army knife. I would say it is more like a cheap replica Swiss army knife for a high price. I bought the Rev’It! Sand 3 for something I didn’t end up using it for! This suit was going to be my summer touring suit but ended up as my off roading outfit. Check why below!

Rev'It Sand 3 suit

The Good

The Rev’It! Sand 3 outer shell is tough, really tough. It will withstand all the off roading you throw at it.

Because of the outer shell and the armor, it does offer good protection. Whether you are riding through the woods or up your favourite mountain pass, you can trust the suit will protect you. Remember! You will have to buy the back protector as a separate item.

This is more of a general statement about Rev’It!, rather than just the suit, but they know how to design a piece of gear! This suit looks good! Adjust all the different straps and bits depending on how many layers you are wearing and the suit will always look the part.

The Not So Good

The Rev’It! Sand 3 tough outer shell has its downside. It is thick and the inside feels really plasticky. I almost got cook alive at 26 degrees with no inner layers in. Even my fully waterproof, laminated Horizon 2 suit can withstand those temperatures. The Sand 3 doesn’t breathe and all my sweat remains in the suit and mainly in the pockets, often causing a puddle of sweat inside them, which is actually rather disgusting! The suit may have vents, but I can only feel them working when standing up, which is a major disappointment.

I am huge fan of layering systems when they are used properly! Why do manufactures insist on adding the waterproof liner inside the outer shell? This just makes the jacket bulky, requires more adjustments to make it fit with and without layers properly (often having to buy an extra size) and means you end up getting wet whether we admit it or not. Please, please, please Rev’It! Keep the waterproof layer in the outside! Even if it is a separate layer you have to buy as an extra! This way, the layer is lighter, easier to carry and easier to put on over the main jacket.

Lastly, I bought the Sand 3 once but I wouldn’t spend almost £700 on it again. I wouldn’t mind trying the Rev’It! Offtrack which offers a more lightweight construction, although it still has an internal waterproof layer…

Rev'It! Sand 3 suit Rated
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability and Vents
  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Price


Tough shell at a cost, heavy for hot temperatures and uncomfortable with all the layers in.

The Good

  • Tough shell
  • Good protection
  • Nice design
The Not So Good

  • To heavy for hot temperatures
  • Uncomfortable with all the layers in
  • Pricey
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