Rev'It! Horizon 2

Rev’It! Horizon 2 Review

Rev’It! describe the Horizon 2 suit as “High-end functionality at an affordable price“, and I have to agree with them. This suit may not be Gore-Tex Pro or even Gore-Tex, but Rev’It have managed to create a great suit at an affordable price.

The Good

Instead of being Gore-Tex, this suit uses the laminated Hydratex®|Lite technology, which has not allowed a drop of water through in the two years of demanding use I have put it through, in the UK and all around Europe. From the Harz Moutains to the Spanish dessert of Las Bardenas it has remained waterproof.

Despite having massive ventilations, both on the jacket and the trousers, waterproofing is not compromised. The vents let a great amount or airflow through however, you may have to stand up if your bike has good weather protection, although this applies to any ventilation system.

The SEEFLEX™ protections are also a nice touch. These protections are Level 2 CE but are flexible and comfortable, which is something I cannot say about other protections used by other brands. Rev’It! has also reinforced the key impact areas. All this achieves a lighter jacket without compromising safety.

Waterproofing, ventilation and comfort are great, but we also want to look good on the bike. This suit definitely helps! You have the black and grey version or the full black.

What is the point of a good piece of kit if it is terribly expensive? This suit is actually really affordable! You can check the current offers here but to give you an idea, you can get the full suit for less than £550.

The Not So Good

While Hydratex®|Lite has proven as waterproof as Gore-Tex, it is clearly not as breathable. When it gets hot, it can get sweaty, as the suit doesn’t succeed at helping you breathe when temperatures rise. The suit comes with a thermal liner. I took this off and never used it again. I like using my own mid layer so that I can adapt to the weather. Ideally, Rev’It! will stop adding thermal liners to their suits and reduce the price, allowing each person to use their own.

Although the actual suit never let water get through, I found the jacket to be a little short. This allowed water to pass through the gap between the trousers and the jacket! It is probably worth mentioning that the storm that allowed water in through this gap, was the storm that cancelled my ferry from Spain back to the UK, so you can imagine how bad it was. The water was coming from all directions, so I think any suit would have failed here. I used the large zip to attach the jacket to the trousers to try to close the gap, but this did not work completely and leaves an unsealed area.

Almost two years and 30,000 miles later, the velcro on the chest has become a bit loose, to the point that it is about to come off. So while I write this article I am also filling the paperwork to get this fixed under warranty. Hopefully Rev’It! will address this and return the jacket fully repaired.

Rev'It! Horizon 2 Suit
  • Waterproofing
  • Breathability
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Design
  • Other Features
  • Price


The Good

  • Fully waterproof
  • Good ventilation
  • Nice design
  • Lateral pockets
The Not So Good

  • Not the warmest, not the coolest
  • Jacket a bit short
  • Weak velcros

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