Nexx X.Vilijord helmet

Nexx X.VILIJORD Helmet Review

Strange times bring strange reviews… We present you with our first “supermarket review” by Riding Time!

You may wonder what we mean by a “supermarket review”. Essentially, as we are only allowed to use our bikes to buy essentials, due to COVID 19, we can only test our kit on our way to the supermarket. At first, we thought about choosing a supermarket in Northern Scotland, so we could cover some miles, but after some consideration and common sense, we decided to go to a supermarket between our house and Natalia’s parents house, which is 18 miles away. This allowed us to buy essentials for them too and drop them on their door step.

Let’s talk about the Nexx X.VILIJORD now. With the X.WED2, Nexx set the bar really high. The X.WED2 has won many awards and is an icon in the adventure motorcycle market. When we received the X.VILIJORD, we thought it was going to be tough for this helmet as the bar was too high! Luckily for us, we were mistaken!

The Good

The Nexx X.VILIJORD is extremely quiet and aerodynamic, something which is unusual in these sorts of helmets. Even with the peak on, whilst riding with the GS sports screen at legal speeds (up to 70mph), you can’t hear a constant wind sound. With some other helmets with peak, you tend to find the peak makes quite a lot of noise and pushes your head back. It is definitely not the case with this Nexx helmet.

Another feature that we found outstanding compared to other helmets is the drop down sun visor. With other helmets, we have found that the sun visor is either too light, in which case it doesn’t really work when it is bright, or it is too dark and you have to keep dropping it down and back up when you go through a shady spot or a tunnel. The sun visor in the X.VILIJORD is the right opacity, perfect for when it is bright, and light enough that you don’t have to keep pulling it up and dropping it down constantly.

We also really like the level of care taken in every detail and how they have been designed so intricately. From the strap, to the inside liner, everything is well designed and comfortable.

Last but not least, not only does the Nexx X.VILIJORD have two air intakes at the front of the helmet (chin and forehead), but it also has two air outlets at the back of the head to dissipate the hot air trapped inside. We have had a few hot days in the UK during this lockdown and this system works a treat!

We could keep mentioning things we liked about the helmet but we would go on forever!

The Not So Good

It is hard to say bad things about the Nexx X.VILIJORD to be honest. Below a few things that come to mind.

The helmet feels heavy, this won’t be a surprise for anyone really. Bearing in mind it is a flip up and has a peak, so it is to be expected. The carbon version is slightly lighter but still heavier that an standard adventure helmet like the X.WED2.

The locking mechanism for the chin bar is tight. This is a good thing in case of an accident, as you don’t want the helmet to open in the case of hitting the ground. But, it makes it slightly harder to close the chin bar whilst moving. Having said that, it still can be done, you just have to get used to it. It may also loosen over time.

The peak of the Nexx X.VILIJORD is not adjustable. Although I haven’t felt the need to move it, it is something found on other helmets and it would be a nice touch. The helmet comes with a peak extension though. We haven’t tried it because it seems to be fine as standard.



Great helmet loaded with features for a price that won’t break the bank.

The Good

  • Quiet and aerodynamic
  • Sun visor
  • Ventilation
  • Nice details
The Not So Good

  • Tight lock mechanism
  • Non-adjustable peak
  • Weight
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9 thoughts on “Nexx X.VILIJORD Helmet Review

  1. Nice review. Were you able to get any more ride time? How’s the weight? I currently wear a Schuberth E1 off road and its a bit heavy but i like the feature set. Its time for a new helmet and this one looks good. What about the cardo, did you have to use the sticky mount or could you use the clamp mount?

  2. Hi Mosey!

    First, thanks for your comment!

    I have now done over 10k miles with this helmet! It is not the lightest helmet but I have never had a problem. I have a strong next and on the GSA the weather protection is great so I don’t get much air hitting my head. Now they do a carbon version though. If I got it again, I would get the carbon version for sure. For off road use, I use the X.WED2 though. Not having the flip up mechanism makes it lighter and it has more room in the chin so it is less claustrophobic when breathing heavily and sweating.

    Regarding the cardo, on this helmet I used the sticky mount. The collar of the helmet seals really well so the clamp is difficult to fit in and you would break that seal so you may get air and that would create noise and discomfort.

    I hope that helps 🤘

  3. Thanks! I ended up getting the Klim Krios Pro as that NEXX isn’t available in the United States.
    I’m going to keep my eye on it though.

  4. I’m in a similar boat (have a Shuberth E1 for the past 4 years), and looking to upgrade. Weight of the E1 has been an issue, and quality seems to get worse every day (discomfort, finish, mechanisms, etc). Clearly wasnt worth the full retail price, but was the only modular ADV helmet at the time. Wondering is the NExx Carbon is noticeably less weight than the E1

  5. I have both the X vilijord nomad carbon and the Touratech adventuro carbon which is made by Nexx for them. Touratech also has a variant of the X vilijord but with a few differences. If you live in the U.S. like me, just order from European sellers that ship worldwide. Often they are cheaper and you can get what you want. By the way, I also have the BMW R1250 GSA.

    1. Thanks for your feedback!
      If you don’t mind me asking, which one do you find to be better?
      Ride safe!

  6. very nice reading! What do you guys think about hte Nexx regarding ‘head shape’ ? I’d like the Viljord very much, but I can’t test it “offline” (no dealers around, but much Covid-lockdown). So I fear that I would press my long-oval head into it … and get the headache after the return-time! 🙂
    by the way: the peak is fixed, you can’t taker it off?

    Thanks a lot from Germany !

    1. Hey Tom!

      First of all, thanks for your comment!

      It is tricky one the shape. I can tell you we are a Schuberth shape but not Shoei, not sure if that helps! Also, Nexx helmets are really customisable as you can add pads here and then, use a smaller or bigger inner liner and things like that. This really helps making the helmet fit. We got some forehead and ears pressure but changing the liners and pads fixed it.

      The peak can be taken of but I think the helmet would look a bit odd to be honest! If you want, message us on Instagram/Facebook and I can remove the peak and take a photo for you 🙂

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