Helmet Sanitising Case

We recently attended the BMW Motorrad Days.

There were lots of brands promoting their products, as well as many BMW stands. Hidden within the mass, was a stand that really got our interest. It was situated next to the BMW Care products. Here, we met John and his team, who introduced us to his Helmet Sanitising bag. This bag uses UV technology to kill bacteria and other microorganisms.

Although it is still a prototype, we had the chance to test it. After an exhausting session at the BMW Enduro Park, we took our sweaty and smelly helmets to John. After 45 minutes, our helmets were odour and bacteria free! They are even planning to add fragrance to product! We thought this was an excellent idea as helmets are the thing we struggle most to clean. What do you think about this idea? Give John your opinion by filling the survey below, it takes just one minute!


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