Hot chocolate, coffee and apple strudel

Food Review – The Bikers Ranch

Ample parking, brilliantly presented, delicious food, enormous space; a biker’s dream.

Riding through the German landscape, you are suddenly hit by contrasting tiles on an enormous roof that read ‘Bikers Ranch’ and, as a motorcyclist, you know you are home. Past the roundabout and into the parking, the entrance is accessible and clear. The only problem? There is so much space to park that you are spoilt for choice!

Take off your helmet and gloves, get off the bike and you finally get to glance up and absorb the reality that is the Bikers Ranch. This isn’t one of those tiny, dingy, grease-lined table and oily food motorcycle cafes, that are ‘typically’ English. This is a German delight!

Its presence is astounding and truly fulfils the ranch element in its name. The place is enormous and its wooden exterior lined with a wide porch welcomes you in and transports you half-way across the world to the USA. You can sit inside, outside or in the glass extension that shields you from the elements.

At the entrance, maps are offered to inform you of the best routes, you can skim read the menu and of course, there is a bucket and cloth to clean your visor. But, through the front door, you are welcomed into another world- the Wild West. Not only is the wooden interior cool and spotless, but the tables are huge. This is the perfect setting to spread your gear all over the place and eat comfortably, whilst listening to 70s rock. Look up, and the wooden beams play host to motorbikes, dream catchers and animal horns. I was in awe.

Behind the bar are 3 lovely waitresses, who speak brilliant English and are ready to help you however they can. We ordered two hot drinks and a homemade apple strudel cake. It must be noted that the service was excellent and the cake scrumptious. Although I never got to try the main dishes, everything that was being served to other customers looked delicious. The large portions obeyed German food stereotype and looked authentic. My amazement and enthusiasm for this newly discovered café was clearly shared by the many people we saw from several different countries including Luxemburg and The Netherlands, as well as what appeared to be the local German bikers. I am sure that if you want to talk about bikes, learn about the best routes or simply look and observe the hundreds of bikes that pass the ranch waving, this is the place.

Hot chocolate, coffee and apple strudel

Overall, this is place is motorbike heaven. The food was cheap and good, the seating was spacious, the parking was perfectly designed and right on the side is a motorcycle gear shop. I highly recommend the brilliant Bikers Ranch!

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