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Food Review – The Bike Shed

Hidden amongst the hustle and bustle of London’s city centre lies the ultimate motorcycling den – The Bike Shed. This place has taken full advantage of the cool biker and rock image, providing a safe haven for bikers, particularly as it hosts safe underground motorcycle parking where all bikes exiting and entering can be seen- a luxury in central London. Not only has this motorcycle club flourished within the biker community, but its delightful set up attracts hundreds of non-bikers to the venue, and I can see why! large banner

The Bike Shed is quirky, clean, dynamic and generally a cool space to hang out, with a great atmosphere. Its brick walls, wooden floors, leather sofas and softly playing 80s rock in the background marks the perfect setting for a Friday night drink after work. This edgy motorcycle club is fun and filled with lots of hidden gems such as a tattoo parlour, barbers shop, motorcycle store and restaurant; a place for everyone. The café racer shop is filled with favourite brands such as Barbour, Belstaff and Shoei and offers a great range of stylish, smart and hip biker gear for both men and women. This shop is certainly the place to find protective yet chic jeans, quality leather jackets and open helmets. I cannot say that I have used the barbers but its traditional setup seems to be a triumph among its clients, as does the tattoo parlour.

Bike Shed motorcycle parking
Bike Shed motorcycle parking

One thing that I have most certainly tried is the restaurant. Whether you choose to sit outside on the terrace or inside at the stylish bar and seated area, there is table service and a great vibe. Its extensive menu makes you salivate whilst choosing what to order and consists mainly of what I would classify as diner food with a touch of sophistication. They offer breakfast and brunch until 3pm and mains, nibbles and sharers from 12pm. Options range from your standard burgers, steaks, sandwiches and salads, to the more elite croquettes, pate and poached eggs on brioche. Additionally, on Sundays, they offer a good English roast. We tried the burgers and they were delicious. They had flavour and tasted of meat, something that often does not occur. The bun was nice and sweet which complimented the burger, bacon and cheese perfectly. My favourite part of the dish however, were onion rings and the skin-on fries which were light and fluffy inside, yet crunchy on the outside – dreamy! Overall, I was thoroughly impressed with the meal. I was expecting an overpriced burger in central London, but the reality was that I got a filling meal that tasted excellent, arrived quickly and was eaten outside where I could observe busy London life in a hidden alcove whilst spying on the bikes coming in and out.

I think the bike shed is cool place which has aided non-bikers to see that bikers are not scary and to understand the community better. The café racer/old school vibe is hip, works and appeals to everyone, creating a lovely atmosphere. The Bike Shed is busy, big and attractive. Phenomenally set up, it draws you in and forces you into the biker world. The food is good and considering you are paying London prices for a burger, you are assured quality. The venue can be hired for events, but most importantly it offers bikers free and secure parking. With hangers and shelves plotted around the place, you also have space to comfortably remove your gear and enjoy an evening out.  This is an excellent place to meet with friends or ride to after work.

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