Triumph Street Triple Review


For the price, you are getting a lot for your money! This bike is an ideal commuter bike, a fun weekend ride, a tourer and a track weapon. It is a bike that can be used for anything, if you are willing to compromise a bit of comfort.

Personally, I could see myself covering the 5 miles of my commute on it, going for a blast during the weekend, enjoying a track day and maybe going for a short trip. It wouldn’t be the perfect bike for any of these purposes but you would definitely have huge smile plastered on your face (and may get some speeding points and fines on the way…).


Performance is something Triumph have nailed with this bike. The engine is as smooth as it can get. It delivers the power smoothly throughout the range, with no vibrations during most of the rev range. Only at 9000rpm could I feel some vibrations on the left grip, which was actually really annoying, as my hand almost went numb after less than a minute. On the bright side, you don’t need to keep this engine at 9000rpm to have fun. I don’t think this would be a problem at all, but thought it worth mentioning.

Not much to say about the brakes, the bike mounts Brembo brakes and they are brilliant! You can feel how they bite the disc and stop you in record distance. Be careful though! My balls got smashed against the tank a couple of times!

Suspension wise, the bike features Showa on the front and Ohlins on the back. Both fully adjustable. I rode the bike stock and the suspension felt good, but I would definitely adjust it to adapt to my weight (100kg) and riding style.

The quickshifter is a nice touch. It is not the finest one I have tried though. It works well when shifting up. However, there is a noticeable loss of power when doing so. Shifting down is trickier, I couldn’t get it to work all the time and I really had to drop the speed and revs to do it.

The different ride modes work a treat! You can feel the difference straight away. In rain mode, the ABS and traction control will kick in pretty quickly and in track mode… You will see your front wheel coming up often! This always happens in a controlled manner though as the bike will drop back down when the traction control kicks in. The bike even has a mode that the rider can customise to suit their riding better.


To be fair, I found the Triumph surprisingly comfortable for a bike this size. With my height and the size of the bike, I was expecting to be more uncomfortable. I spent one hour on the bike through rural, city roads and a bit of motorway. At no point did it feel awkward. The only thing worth mentioning is that I found the handlebar too low, this made me lean forward to be able to push the bars to get into corners.

The controls are also easy to use and reach with your thumbs. As everything, it may take time to get use to it. I found myself touching the joystick that is used to navigate through the menu when I wanted to activate or turn off the indicators.

Something I will mention and didn’t like at all, were the mirrors! They may look cool (and they do) but I prefer the standard Street Triple ones. They give a much wider field of view and the position is a little higher which would stop me from having to look down.

The TFT display is great. It provides all the information you need at a glance and has different styles to suit everyone’s tastes.

Build Quality

I have no complains in this area. All the parts and plastics seem solid and well built. The Brembo brakes look great and the black Showa forks really suit this bike. The gold Ohlins are hidden so you won’t be able to brag about it, but the yellow spring is still noticeable. The bike I tested had a Arrow exhaust that sounded nice but not too loud. I think Triumph have done a great job with this bike.

Thanks to Triumph North London for allowing me take the bike out! Check the new Lind dealership in Watford!

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