About Us

After many conversations, we discovered that we had similar dreams and hopes about travelling the world. A combination of these aspirations and visions has led to the creation of Riding Time, a blog about two travelling and exploring fanatics who wish to see new places, meet new people and learn about new cultures. Blending our love for motorcycles, exploring, writing and food we want you to follow our adventure.

Iñigo on the ScramblerIñigo is a 31 year old Information Security Officer living in the UK, but originally from Spain. He began his bike journey over 6 years ago, initially owning a BMW F800s and is currently the proud owner of a R1200GSA, RnineT Scrambler and a Honda CRF250L. A daily commuter, weekend rider, off roader and frequent traveller around Europe, he now desires a more adventurous life.

Natalia on CBF125Natalia got cancer aged 20 and discovered that life is not about existing, but living. That in mind, she put her fears behind her and dared to enter the motorbike world in June 2016. Having completed 6000 miles in the 3 months of completing her full licence, she wishes to embark in the world of writing, of exploring and most of all living.

A scratch map hangs in Iñigo’s living room, with the agreement that we would scratch off every country we travel together to, on bike, until it resembles the background of our blog. Challenge accepted! So here is hoping that this blog will put Natalia’s social anthropology undergraduate degree to good practice, as together Inigo and Natalia wish to share a glimpse of what the world is all about. Discover the real world, share our experiences and not view this planet as it is sold to us in brochures or on television.

Join us on our adventure!