Schuberth C4 Helmet Review

Firstly, I would like to thank Pete, from Just Helmets, for helping me get this helmet as soon as it became available. Just Helmets is an UK supplier of motorcycle helmets, they have a large stock in all styles and sizes.

I would like emphasize that I consider the C4 for a top spec helmet, this is why I have been quite picky in this review. This review is based on my own experience during a 2000 miles trip around Wales, on my BMW R1200GS covering everything from motorways to single track roads.

When buying a new toy or piece of kit the experience starts when doing the initial research. I found Schuberth’s website user friendly and provides all the information I needed. Due to the helmet being brand new, I didn’t have the opportunity to see it live or try it on before buying it. I spoke with Schuberth through the phone and they advised me to try the C3 Pro as the sizing is similar. Once I decided I wanted the helmet I got in touch with Pete, he was really helpful, he confirmed all the information Schuberth had provided. He kept me updated once I ordered the helmet until I received it.

After 3 months, the helmet was home! A big brown box showed up at the specified time. This made really easy to be waiting for it at home, I didn’t want to miss the delivery of my new brand helmet. Within the brown box there was the helmet box, all really well packed. In the box the helmet was presented with its carrier bag, a well-padded white and shiny orange bag, quality materials even in the carrier bag.


The helmet quality is outstanding, really well built and quality materials all round. The orange stitching in the collar is a nice touch that give a bit of extra colour. The only thing to point out is a small mark in the front vent, it has been confirmed that the helmet is meant to be like that, it is due to the plastic mould used, this is something that could be easily improved in my opinion.


Although I was a bit worried buying a helmet without trying it first, this one suits me perfectly. Not only is easy to get on and off but once on, it is really comfortable. The liner inside feels soft and smooth which makes a pleasure to wear it even for hours! All the different controls are easy to operate, use the sun visor quite often, and in this helmet, it is easy to operate. The sun visor has actually two different positions which is a nice extra. It also offers the right sun protection for me. The chin vent is also quite easy open and closed, the top one is easy once you find the slider, you may struggle to use this with thick winter gloves.


The flip up is also easy to operate plus the mechanism is really smooth, there is no clicking and it opens and closes nicely. The chin will hold in place if lifted while riding even at high speeds. I cannot say the same from the visor, although it is easy to operate and it comes with the fog insert already in place, when it is at its top position the wind can push it down which I find extremely worrying and dangerous, first time it happened it scared me a bit! The good side of the visor is that it is really wide which provides a great view also, the visor has a simple mechanism for removal although you will need both hands to use it.

The helmets shape helps with the aerodynamics, this avoids the air pushing your head around too much. Due to this, the helmet is also quiet although I still wear earplugs to make sure my hearing doesn’t get damaged. The shape of the helmet also makes cleaning extremely easy, no gaps or sharp edges to clean.

Regarding size and weight, the shell is big, my previous helmet on the same side use to fit in my pannier, this one doesn’t. Also, it is heavy, or heavier than others but bear in mind the Bluetooth installation is already fitted in the helmet so this adds some extra weight onto it.

Overall, the Schuberth C4 is a brilliant and stylist helmet. It is expensive but worth the money. Something to consider is that Schuberth will give you 5 years warranty which adds extra value to it.

Keep an eye out for the review of the communication system developed by Sena for this helmet, the SC1 Advance.

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    • I was thinking of buying the C3 Pro actually but as the C4 was announced I decided to wait. I have only heard good things from Schuberth helmets.

      • Hello Inigo, thanks so much for your review. I have a C3 Pro, and am thinking seriously about upgrading to the C4. The thing is, I’ve read some negative reviews about the audio quality of the built-in Sena. In particularly, I’ve read that when you’re at highway speed, it’s difficult for others to hear and/or understand you. It seems that your experience is different. I wonder if you could elaborate on the audio quality of the built-in system. Thanks again, Andrew from NYC

      • Hello Andrew, glad you liked the review and you have read it from so far away!
        I have no complains about the audio quality to be honest, I am not entirely happy with the range when talking to other bikers though.
        Actually, we will be posting a full review of the Sena (SC1 Advance) unit in the C4 next month. Keep an eye out for that one, you may find it useful 🙂

      • Don’t believe all the hype re how quiet the Schuberth C4 is. I bought one and it is noisey the Schuberth customer services do not respond and I am left with a very expensive helmet that makes my ears ring even when wearing ear defenders above 50mph. Over rated and over priced sums it up!

      • Hello Barry,m. I am sorry to hear that. I have successfully contacted Schuberth Support and they replied quickly. I wears earplugs and don’t find the helmet that noisy to be honest. It is about the same that my previous one, BMW System 6 EVO. I hope you get it sorted! Let us know how it goes.

      • It is a pity Schuberth (still) have not responded to me. I always wear ear plugs but they make no difference.

      • It is! Let’s us know how you get in with it. You can always try to go through the retailer you purchased the helmet from.

      • Thanks for your support. I have been in also touch with my retailer and they are looking into the problem.
        Now looking for another brand of helmet, maybe go back to full face type but would prefer flip type. Pity suppliers/retailers do not let you try/test ride before you buy…. buying a helmet is very much buyer beware and subjective – there doesn’t seem to be a one ‘type’ fits all. You have to take all the reviews with a large pinch of salt and then hope for the best.

    • Hello Travis, the volume of the comms system is really good. I can ear clearly with the earplugs with no problem. Thanks

  1. Is the build quality better than the C3 Pro? I have one and I’m not convinced the flip-up is very well put together. It could also be the visor. I get odd streams of wind hitting my cheeks sometimes. Flipping and reseating the visor doesn’t always help.

    Otherwise I’m very happy with the C3 Pro. Lots of nice features and much quieter than my previous Arai.

    • Hello Tom,

      I haven’t used the C3 Pro myself, only tried it on. The helmets feels better built and the mechanism smoother. The liner quality is definitely better and the fact that the Bluetooth is not built in the collar makes it nicer to put on and take it off.

      I haven’t felt any wind coming in, yet. Let’s see when the helmet gets a bit older…

      One thing I don’t quite like, as I mentioned in my review, is that the visor won’t stay on its highest open position when the wind hits it, what is quite annoying.

      Thanks for your comment!

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  3. We, my wife and I, have used the “old” Schuberth C2 with the integrated communication for about five years.
    Investing in the new C4 with Senna supported SC1 intercom seemed to a perfect solution and an upgrade both helmet and communication (even to a total cost of about $ +2200 here in Norway).

    NB we bought the SC1 standard.
    I have to admit that we did not have the time to test out the system before we started our four weeks and 7000 km long journey around Europe.

    The product, frustration is only the first letter in my story

    Some comments:
    * Tecnical installation, done by the dealer and was ok
    * Pairing the two helmets…, after “100” attempts they finally peered
    * Pairing C4 to IPhone, ok
    * Pairing C4 to TomTom 400 Rider Ok

    I am now some what desperate, in an effort to fix other issues I have reset my SC1 to factory settings and, her we go again, the two helmets will not play together.

    * operating the SC1 is complicated, the menu sounds (biped and messages) are not stable, changing all times
    * Only manual pairing between the two SC1 works
    * The VOX intercom is not operating.
    (We gave up scouting, people gave us “the look”. In practice we have had (when working) the to helmetsit peared “at all times”
    * the sound quality is not good (bad). Hearing my wife talking is hard.
    On the other hand external noise is extremely good! Construction work along the road is multiplied “ten times”. And I can hear my own voice echoed via the other helmet
    * operating IPhone is ok because the TomTom handles incoming calls. VOX Phone don’t work
    * Musikk, work’s OK, but sound quality is less than the expected

    Wat now?
    I am not a gadget type, and my general experience is that when I am not able to get a gadget to work it is my not understanding how to. I really hope that this is the case this time!

    I have installed th SENA App, not werry helpfull, but a can see that it is V1.0 that is available and installed. Working in the IT sector for 40 years I know This that you never trust V1.0 so l am hoping for an upgrade.

    Odd Bjørn Meling
    STAVANGER Norway

    PS1 – We have not experience with usage bike to bike, this maybe solves some problem
    PS2 – This is our fourth generation communication systems. There has always been startup issues, but
    PS3 – I personally had very high hopes for the SC1, Senna was for my the new player in the MC Bluetooth marked
    PS4 – something positive (?), yes the total concept, high quality helmet with an internal communication is a great idea!
    PS5 – Before baying the helmets with DC1 I did go online to look for reviews and found quite a few. What I now see is that they are all dealers trying to sell the product, ok but limited in value


    And pardon my English

    • Wow! Thanks for so detailed information! I agree with everything you have said. Hopefully a software update helps…
      I hope you had a nice trip at least!

    • Hello,

      Natalia and I have found some improvement.

      To configure the units we now use the Sena App in our phones. This makes the configuration much easier!

      We found out that turning off the “Intercom HD” feature improves the VOX and the quality a lot. It seems that turning that on is only good for really close range as it will only connect if the maximum quality is available.

      Let us know how you get on and thanks for your comment!

  4. I have a s20 and was happy with it. Bought the C4 with builtin and all I can say it’s not worth the money for the SC1. Sound quality is sketchy. Intercom even worse. Now, after 1 month of ownership and about 20 hours, dead. Now I have to physically return it to the dealer for a remedy. Its a shame when you take a great helmet and ruin the user experience with POS electronics.

    • I must be the only person in the world who finds the C4 noisy. Everyone else rates it! From 50 mph it is like poking you head out of a car window at 60 mph on the motorway but more noisy. After short journeys even with ear plugs my ears are ringing. Tried adjusting screen, other bikes still the same. Have now sent it back to Schuberth. In my view it is overrated and overpriced and barely fit for purpose. One or two other problems as well: the top vent is virtually unoperable, the visor has become unhinged on one side when operating it whilst riding, looking through the partially open visor distorts my vision and to finish, the white mouth vent flap keeps falling off. Would you believe I am one unhappy customer? My advice is for anyone thinking of buying this helmet is to try before you buy as you may, like me, be stuck with a very expensive plastic ornament & just to finish off I also ordered the com’s kit but some 8 weeks later it has yet to arrive – but hey ho guess that’s Schuberth customer service….

      • I certainly didn’t pay a counterfeit price, purchased from a , very helpful dealer(Infinity Motorcycles), registered with Schuberth, returned to Schuberth in Germany – so if it is a copy I should find out soon as it has been gone the best part of a month now!

  5. I bought a C4 helmet and SC1 Basic communications system after considerable research and soul-searching regarding a helmet to suit my needs. Once the decision had been made, it required a good deal of persistence on the part of me and my local dealer to find one in my correct size (XXL), due to the low stock position in the UK.

    I returned to motorcycling about a year ago after quite a long lay-off. I bought a naked bike (KTM 690 Duke), and was keen to try a flip-front helmet, so bought the low-cost but 5* SHARP-rated Caberg Duke (confusing!), and I really liked the concept. However it produces considerable wind noise, especially with a Scala Rider comms module attached to the side, and I grew to hate the Star Wars styling, with a protrusion on the chin bar that neatly obscures my bike’s instrument panel.

    So my criteria for a replacement were a flip-front helmet that generates as little wind noise as possible, with the option of built-in comms to avoid further noise caused by a retrofitted one. Schuberth’s claim to be the world’s only helmet maker to have a wind tunnel which they use to design the quietest hemets available, coupled with the internal comms option, were the deciding factors in almost choosing the C3 Pro.

    But then the C4 was announced. I decided to wait for it, still agonising over the financial outlay, until an upcoming trip of 700 miles or so made me finally commit. To say the experience of riding a distance with the C4 was a disappointment would be a massive understatement.

    First, though, the good points. The styling is practical and purposeful, with a smooth shape rather than the Caberg’s mess of creases and functionally-unnecessary lumps and bumps. It’s well-made and is beautifully finished inside and out – a quality piece of kit – and in contrast to the Caberg (my only basis for comparison) the ventilation is outstanding and the field of vision excellent.

    However on my key criterion of noise, I can detect very little difference to the raucous Caberg – certainly nothing to justify the C4’s price tag of well over 3 times what I paid for the lesser helmet. Just to be clear; my issue is with helmet-generated wind noise rather than mechanical noise from the bike, which is pretty unobtrusive on the KTM. The noise level is slightly less, it’s true (my ears are not ringing for quite as long after a hundred miles), but nothing like the step-change I was expecting.

    I could wear earplugs. I could have done this with the Caberg, of course, and saved myself several hundred pounds, although I don’t like wearing them. But this reveals another problem – the design of the C4’s internal padding. My Caberg, and other helmets I’ve tried on, have a slight cavity surrounding the ears, which means there is only light contact between ears and helmet lining. With the C4, however, there is no such cavity so pressure on ears is much greater and becomes quite uncomfortable after a while. I doubt whether I could get the helmet on with earplugs without dislodging them in the process.

    This issue with the padding becomes even more acute for me as I’m a spectacles wearer. There seems to have been no thought at all given to putting glasses on in the design of this helmet – and the extra thickness of sideframes pushing ears outwards into even tighter contact with the lining transforms an uncomfortable experience into a painful one. I could – and did, for part of my long ride – wear contact lenses… but then I couldn’t read the satnav as my specs are varifocals and my lenses are not!

    A surprising although maybe somewhat lesser issue arose on motorway riding. Schuberth also claims, as a result of its aerodynamic prowess and use of a wind tunnel, to have all but eliminated side-to-side buffeting and lifting at speed. I observed both these effects wearing the C4, but had never noticed them with the Caberg.

    The final ingredient in the overall disappointment was when I contacted Schuberth directly for their comments before posting this review. Although initially helpful noises were made, leading me to expect that some (unspecified) assistance would be forthcoming, it turned out after many weeks of waiting for replies that the best they could come up with was stuffing some tissues under the helmet lining at the top to lift it slightly clear of the tops of my ears to reduce the discomfort.

    So, based on my direct experience both of the Schuberth C4 and of the company, if anyone asked me for a recommendation I absolutely couldn’t give it. I shall have to just suck it up and promise myself never to buy a Schuberth helmet again.

    • Pete,
      Sorry you didn’t read my review of three months ago. I quite agree with your findings the C4 is noisy and would like to add:-highly over rated by so called professionals’ and certainly well over priced. I would not recommend its purchase. I have had my helmet since June & have tried additional sound proof padding in the helmet voids, tried taping over perceived air gaps, I also wear ear plugs to no effect. The helmet is inherently noisey!
      I have complained and the helmet was returned to Schuberth in Germany who kept it for a month & supposedly, reassembled & checked it & tested it on a wind tunnel – it made no difference! I cannot comment on the com’s as I am still waiting for them to arrive!!!!
      I am left with a highly priced helmet I have little choice in using as there is no refund available as noise is classed as highly subjective and ‘dealers’ state they have not had any complaints and that it gets excellent reviews.
      At least I am not alone in the world that thinks this helmet is an overrated, over priced, inherrantly noisey helmet and I would barely give it a one star rating!
      Any potential buyer of a Schuberth C4 beware!!

      • Hi, Barry. It’s nice to know I’m not alone! I bought mine in June too, which is why I wouldn’t have seen your review, and have been waiting until recently to get any sort of sense out of customer services in Germany. Just goes to show how easy it is to be sucked in by convincing marketing.

      • Pete & Other Readers,
        Does any one know how our comments could be read by or forwarded to someone who the manufacturer, namely Schuberth, will take sit up & take notice of, e.g Simon Weir of Ride or Motorcycle News. This would stop others being ‘sucked into the Schuberth hype that this is a quiet helmet’. There is some mantra/management speak ‘if you cannot measure it (noise in this case) you cannot measure it’ clearly wind tunnel testing might have a function in design but it does not directly translate into noise generated in everyday road use by the helmet.
        As a comment from my supplier I was advised that the noise might be generated by my motorcycle and that if I rode at 60 mph and stood upright on the footrests and noise went it was my bike! Not having the …’s to do this I haven’t completed this test!
        Perhaps if the designers/Schuberth were to try driving their car at 100kph + on the autobahn, partially opening a window and to measure & magnify that noise several times they might then get a sense of what the noise is like for a motorcyclist wearing one of their helmets at the same speed (& after that the noise rises exponentially! ) as they are clearly out of touch with the problem.
        Uncomfortable or not ear plugs are a necessity!

      • Hello Barry,

        Thanks for your comments. Although I don’t agree 100% with your comments or Pete’s. I have had a good experience with the helmet over all as I explain in the article.

        I would be more than happy to refer the article with all your comments to Simon Weir or Schuberth directly.

        For this, the more people you get to add the comments in this post the better.

        Riding Time

  6. Thanks Inigo that sounds like a good idea. Did I also mention the com’s kit has yet to arrive although I paid for it months ago & the white mouth vent keeps falling off, the top vent is virtually inoperable & the visor (now replaced) gave a distorted view. It sounds like you have a completely different helmet from mine – sorry I just get so frustrated when I think of all the money I (carefully) spent has been wasted and there is nothing I can do about it – but moan!

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  8. I already owned a SCHUBERTH C3 Pro and like it, so I bought the C4. One reason I use high end helmets is because I ride all year long and the dual anti fog lense is a requirement in cold weather. The C4 anti fog does not work. The design was changed from the C3 and the soft material used as a gasket around the edge was eliminated. (to reduce costs no doubt) it leaks and fogs up between the inner and outer lense. I have used Shoei neotech helmets for years and never had a problem. The C3 is also good. The C4 is garbage. Unsafe in cold or foggy weather. Called customer service and was told that I need to “adjust “ it. SMH. This is now a very expensive fair weather helmet.

    • Hello Wes,

      Sorry to hear you are having this problem. I have had this problem after riding in the rain with the visor open, water came inside and the picklock starting fogging as the seal was broken by the water. This has happened to me with other helmets, the pillock requires to seal perfectly to avoid fogging. I just readjusted the pillock and it was perfect again. The pinlock can move when using manipulating the visor it was just a matter of removing it, cleaning it and readjusting it again.

      Hope that helps!

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